5 Powerful Changes To Transforming Your Relationship With Money

Transforming Your Relationship With Money

Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed by money? Do you find yourself constantly worrying about how much you have, or how much you don’t have? If so, it’s time to take control of your finances and begin transforming your relationship with money.

Shifting your money mindset can be a difficult process, but it’s an essential step in achieving financial freedom and clarity. This post will provide you with 5 powerful changes you can make today, to start a healthy relationship with money and re-write your previous toxic money stories.

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Understand Your Emotions Around Money Habits

Understanding where your emotions around money come from is crucial before attempting to change them. Is it fear or insecurity? Are there unresolved issues from childhood that need addressing? We call these toxic money stories – they’re usually a poor relationship, experience or financial journey one’s experienced in the past. This is the basis of what forms an unhealthy relationship with money.

Positive Money Mindset

Once you understand why these feelings exist, and why you’ve developed past money mistakes and acknowledged your current financial habits, only then can you start replacing those negative feelings with more positive thoughts about money. This will form the new basis for changing your relationship with money.

Identify & Heal Your Money Story

Have you ever felt like it’s not ok to want more money, more joy, more fulfilment?

Do you feel as though money is scary, hard, frustrating, elusive & stressful? Perhaps money drums up severe financial anxiety & dread? What about how you currently earn money – does it fill your cup, or drain it?

These are deep and important questions to ask yourself and get really honest with yourself about. These questions about your money issues and self worth will help identify and heal your current relationship with money – your money story if you will.

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transforming your relationship with money
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For many of us, our toxic money habits and stories generally stem from influences around us:

  • Parents

  • Friends

  • Co-workers

  • External influences like media & advertising

More often than not, our money influences in our lives come from our parents & friends. It’s up to you to re-evaluate those relationships in terms of money and begin making a shift and new focus. It’s extremely important to surround yourself with like-minded people who also have positive relationships with money.

transforming your relationship with money

Create a Plan for Financial Growth

how to change your money mindset

Before you can begin transforming your relationship with money, it is important to create a plan for financial growth.

  • Set goals that are realistic and achievable.

  • Write them down and track your progress.

  • Plan how you’re going to spend money from this point forward.

  • Become more intentional with your spending habits.

  • Develop new ways to manage money.

  • Doing so will help keep you motivated and on track to reach the next level of financial success.

It is also important to remember that there will be obstacles along the way; don’t let setbacks discourage you from pushing forward towards your goals. These are all small steps you’ll need to continually implement and work on to change your relationship with money.

Invest in Professional Help (Financially & Energetically)

Now, none of this is financial advice, BUT, investing in the right help can absolutely transform your experience with money, help you with your savings goals, generate more wealth and overall create a positive outlook.

Consulting with a financial advisor is a really great way to open up a dialogue about your money situation, goals and aspirations. A financial advisor can advise you on your best course of action to achieve them.

Energetically speaking, I always recommend my friends, family and readers to start small with The Magnetic Money Flow Challenge. You’ll learn how to:

  1. Become an open channel for more (discover your money blocks & become open to receiving money with ease).

  2. Show up as your most vibrantly, authentic self & overcome imposter syndrome (dissolve your money fears, reveal what’s really been holding you back).

  3. How to play the money game (how to feel about it, think about it, and behave with it if you want complete overflow. Want more money? Let’s show you how!)

  4. Your work is of service: Get paid (and well) for being you! (Appreciate your time and how truly valuable it is).

Money Mindset Training
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Start Investing & Saving

Investing and saving are key components of financial literacy and independence. Start small by building up an emergency fund. This will help provide you with peace of mind when it comes time to paying bills and unexpected emergencies. Having an emergency fund might just help you feel confident when you start getting back on your feet.

From there, you can look to invest your money more strategically and get your money working for you!

Learning to Change Your Relationship With Money Isn’t Easy, But It Is Possible.

Transforming your relationship with money is possible but requires dedication and determination on behalf of the individual taking part in this process. With patience and perseverance, anyone can achieve financial freedom by developing good habits such as budgeting, saving, investing wisely, understanding their emotions around money, creating realistic goals for themselves, and staying motivated along their journey towards financial success!

Transforming Your Relationship With Money Via The Magnetic Money Flow Challenge

If you’re ready to reset, redefine and radically expand your relationship with money, check out The Magnetic Money Flow Challenge here. It’s a deeply beautiful, self-paced learning experience that’s sure to uncover a lot of money narratives you didn’t even know you were subject to. Learn how to heal your money story and become the most magnetic version of you here.

Money Mindset Training
Magnetic Money Flow Challange

FAQ’s: Transforming Your Relationship With Money

What is a Toxic Relationship With Money?

A toxic relationship with money serves no one. It’s the term generally given to poor money habits, relationships and experiences around money that have been learnt over the years. It can mean excessively spending money, never feeling like you quite have enough money, poor financial goals and habits and generally, just negative thoughts about your finances.

What Is Bad Relationship With Money?

Similar to a toxic money story, bad relationships with money grow over many, many years of poor financial literacy and decisions. They can stem from family and friends or even in the workplace. It’s important to develop healthy money habits early on and manage them over time.

It’s important to get to a point where you actively understand and appreciate that money doesn’t control you. This is where a lot of people start to develop unhealthy experiences with money -they feel as though it controls their every move.

How to Heal a Bad Relationship With Money?

  1. Acknowledge that money is a friend and exists to support you. Change the narrative of money being the enemy and learn to accept the ebbs and flows of money in our lives. Detach yourself from the thought that money is this big, bad, scary thing.

  2. Place the importance of self-value on money, your time and your efforts. How do you trade your time for money? How do your spending habits influence how money affects you mentally? Become aware of how you use it, spend it and attract it.

  3. Get very clear on what money means to you, how you’ve spent it in the past, and how you’d like the idea of abundance and overflow to look in your life today.

The Magnetic Money Flow Challenge is exactly that – it really challenges you to become honest with yourself and how you view and experience money. It’s the ultimate mindset and energetics course for those who want to experience true change.

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