What Women With PCOS Should Consider About Their Diet When Traveling

Considering your dietary restrictions as a female traveler with PCOS can feel like a daunting prospect. This article should help you plan & mitigate a PCOS diet for female travelers who are looking to embark on an upcoming trip. Fortunately, with enough planning, you don’t have to worry about compromising your travel plans as we provide some simple options you can consider when it comes to PCOS & your diet.

In recent years, there has been a rise in female travelers. According to insights from TourRadar, the rate of solo women travel has especially increased. Over 68% of the travel company’s customers are women. Many of the company’s operators also offer women-only adventures created by all-female teams and featuring women in critical roles to meet this demand.

Let’s get you feeling confident in your ability to travel solo or as a small group, while adjusting your diet as a female traveler living with PCOS.

This is a collaborative post and has been curated by a team of specialist freelance writers. Always be sure to conduct your own research & seek professional help & advice from a health professional.

Don’t Skip Meals

PCOS diet for female travelers

One of the most important things to keep in mind is not to focus on reducing or skipping meals. According to a study by Women Health, skipping meals can impact and exacerbate menstrual disorders in women with PCOS. Researchers note that women with PCOS snacked more frequently and ate a lower number of meals.

While this may be out of your control sometimes, missing meals can cause your metabolism to drop and cause you to overeat at your next meal. You may also end up eating more meals as your body preempts feeling hungry sooner and more often.

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Eat Healthy Meals & Alternatives

PCOS diet for female travelers

Of course, while missing meals isn’t ideal, you should also be more conscious about what you eat. You may want to balance the occasional sweets with healthier, nutritional foods.

Many women learning how to lose weight with PCOS focus on fruits, vegetables, and complex carbohydrates to control their blood sugar. Instead of eliminating carbs, it’s better to keep your carbohydrate intake consistent.

Other nutrition tips for women with PCOS include protein-focused meals. These include dishes consisting of eggs, chicken sausages, and sweet potatoes. If you only need snacks on the go, you can opt for a handful of walnuts, which are beneficial for speeding up your metabolism.

Foods to Avoid in a PCOS Diet for Female Travelers

Another crucial tip is to keep note of what you shouldn’t eat.

Some foods can exacerbate PCOS symptoms and make your travel experience very uncomfortable and unenjoyable. For example, fried foods and dishes with saturated fats can cause inflammation.

You may also want to steer clear of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol contains high amounts of sugar and can affect your blood sugar levels. While this doesn’t mean you need to abstain from alcohol completely, it may help to drink in moderation, being mindful of your alcohol consumption.

In the same vein, you should also avoid sugary drinks like soft drinks, no matter how convenient or accessible they are.

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Prepare Your Own Meals

PCOS diet for female travelers

Finally, you may also consider packing and preparing your own meals while traveling. Some days while travelling, you may not be in control of your diet 100%. Maybe the nearest healthy restaurant isn’t the most accessible, or local cuisines aren’t as nutrient-dense as you need them to be.

To overcome this hurdle, you can bring tools and appliances to make healthy meals easily. A personal blender, for example, is easy to travel with and can help make healthy fruit or veggie shakes. Alternatively, you can pack light snacks like whole grain crackers and cheese or Greek yogurt and berries.

Ultimately, living with PCOS shouldn’t dampen your travel or vacation plans. It helps to plan and research accordingly. If bringing or preparing your own meals isn’t an option, you should research local eateries in your destination to find out if you’ll have healthy options nearby.

A PCOS diet for female travelers shouldn’t feel overwhelming & restrictive. It often means being aware of your surroundings, where you’re planning on traveling to and making small adjustments to your diet as needed.

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